Maternity negligence claims – Brain injury

Multi million pound compensation package for maternity negligence

1148635079£11.5 MILLION has being awarded to a five-year-old who was severely brain damaged at birth due to maternity negligence. The pay out will be given in instalments over the rest of the patients lifetime to help provide a lifetime of care to the boy after he was severely brain damaged as a result of negligence by midwives.

Interim payments have allowed the family to access specialist rehabilitation, which has funded a move to more suitable rented accommodation with his parents, a team of carers, a team of therapists, specialist equipment and a wheelchair adapted vehicle.

 The court heard that the baby would have been delivered unharmed had he been delivered 11 minutes earlier. His umbilical cord had suffered a prolapse causing a shortage of oxygen to his brain, which has left him suffering cerebral palsy affecting all four limbs.
Cases of maternity negligence are very complex and it is essential that you instruct experienced maternity negligence solicitors to handle the claim. The process can often be a long one and it is important that a solicitor knows the exact steps that need to be taken in order to secure interim payments to help with the financial implications of caring for a severely injured child.
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