Child Injury Claim – Child Cuts leg on broken table

Child injury Claim – child suffers laceration to leg from broken table in restaurant.

Child injury stressed hug adultA child aged 3 years at the time of the accident  cut his leg on a broken table in a local restaurant whist eating there.

The table had a metal screw sticking out of the underneath of it measuring 4cm which had come out of the wood.

The child had sat down to eat with his family and within a few minutes suffered a nasty deep cut to his upper thigh from the exposed screw.

After the accident the child’s leg was bleeding extensively. He was very distressed. The child was taken to A&E, where the wound was closed with steristrips. Subsequently he needed to attend the nurse at his GP surgery on several occasions for redressing of the wound.

After the accident the laceration was painful whenever the Child knocked his leg during play. The child tended to guard his leg to prevent knocking it and over the first few weeks after the accident he was not as rambunctious as usual. The childs parents struggled with bath time as the wound site had to be kept clean and dry.

After 10 to 14 days the wound had healed ,  When the wound healed the child was left with a V-shaped scar measuring 2cm. The scar was only noticeable on very close inspection. The prognosis was for the scar to diminish with time.

The child’s parents decided to claim child compensation for his injury and were successfull.

Valuation of Child Injury Claims

In this child injury claims example, the specialist solicitors negotiated a compensation award for the child.  After 2 years from first instructions the child injury solicitors recovered from the insurance company of the defendant the sum of £1,700 in child injury compensation.

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