Maternity Negligence claims – Boy suffers Cerebral Palsy

Hospital payout after admitting maternity negligence


A teenage boy has received compensation after he was left with lifelong brain damage following maternity negligence. The boy now in his early teens was born in early 2001, his mother went in to slow labour and was struggling with her contractions. It became apparent that the boys shoulder was trapped however the midwives failed to deal with this quickly enough meaning the boy was starved of oxygen. This is left the child with serious brain damage and cerebral palsy.

shutterstock_267718298The family turned to a specialist maternity negligence solicitor. Cases of maternity negligence and birth injuries are extremely complex and can often take a number of years to settle. They secured interim payments to help fund the changes they needed to make to their house accessible to their son and help pay for the extensive treatment that was needed

After a number of years the case was eventually settled and the Hospital Trust paid £2.65m in compensation.

Contact the child injury solicitorsIf you believe your child has suffered injury due to maternity negligence then you might be entitled to compensation. It is imperative that you instruct a specialist maternity negligence solicitor to deal with the claim as they are very complex and require someone with in depth knowledge of this area of law. At R James Hutcheon Solicitors we have over 20 years of litigation experience. We offer practical legal advice and also support for families who are going this most traumatic time, please visit our dedicated maternity negligence website for further information.