Child injury Claim – Child Wins £3925.00 in compensation after RTA.

child injury claim – child involved in RTA receives compensation.

shutterstock_36598546A schoolgirl aged 16 sustained head and neck injuries after the car she was a passenger in was involved in a collision with another vehicle.

She was asleep at the time of the impact but was jolted awake when she hit her head as a result of the impact. The schoolgirl imediately felt pain in her head and neck after the accident and suffered headaches for two days afterwards.

She was unable to participate fully in school sports activites and the injuries also caused her pain when sitting at a computer or sitting at her desk writing.

She received nine sessions of physiotherapy. The stiffness and pain to her neck continued for around 21 months after the accident however after this time period her injuries had fully resolved.

The girls parents contacted a solicitor in order to persue a child injury claim on her behalf.

She recieved £3925.00 in compensation.

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