Child Injury Claim- child wins compensation after accident on bus

Child Injury Claim – Child injured after bus she was travelling on abruptly stopped.

shutterstock_308740220A schoolgirl aged 10 at the time of the accident was awarded compensation for suffering injury to her finger and hand after the bus she was travelling on came to a sudden stop. The impact of the stop threw the child out of her seat and onto the floor.

The child had to be taken to hospital to receive treatment after the incident as she was in extreme pain. Doctors trated the child for a soft tissue injury to the finger and hand and was told to take paracetamol for the pain.

In the weeks following the incident the child could not participate in physical activities in school and suffered sleepless nights as a result of the pain.

Valuation of Child Injury Claims

In this child injury claims example, the specialist solicitors negotiated a compensation award for the child.  After 2 years from first instructions the child injury solicitors recovered from the insurance company of the defendant the sum of £1,600 in child injury compensation.

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