Child suffers partially amputated finger after incident in school

Child Injury Claim –  child wins compensation after finger was injured in school.

Child injury stressed hug adultA child aged 13 has won a child injury claim for compensation after her finger was trapped in a heavy fire door in school.

The incident occured as the child was walking through the coridoor which was very busy at the time. As the child could not get through the coridoor she decided to turn around and go the other way.

As she has gone to open the door another child has kicked it open resulting in the childs finger tip being completely trapped and amputation of the tip.

After the accident happened the mother of the child decided to claim  for compensation against the school as she believed they were liable for her daughter injuries.

She contacted contacted a speacialst child injury claim solicitor who acted on her behalf

Valuation of Child Injury Claims

In this child injury claims example, the specialist solicitors negotiated a compensation award for the child.  After 3 years from first instructions the child injury solicitors recovered from the insurance company of the defendant the sum of £3,375 in child injury compensation.

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