child wins compensation after dental injury in school

Child Injury Claim – Child suffers broken teeth after slipping on wet floor

cropped-little-boy-hugging-his-mother.jpgA child aged 6 at the time of the accident has won his claim for compensation slipping on a wet floor in his school.

The child was walking towards the exit of the school at the end of the day. There was a large spillage of liquid just before the exit which was un-marked.

The child fell and banged his face on a table breaking his 2 front teeth on impact and also suffering a nasty laceration to his mouth.

He was taken to hospital where his mouth was x-rayed and stitched up, he was then refered to a specialist dental surgeon.

The dental expert advised that the 2 front teeth would need caps once the teeth had matured due to the extent of the damage, these would need to be replaced up to 3 times throughout his life.

The child also had a small scar to his lip from the laceration which an expert gave a prognosis that although it would remain visable at close range it would fade with time.

Valuation of Child Injury Claims

In this child injury claims example, the specialist solicitors negotiated a compensation award for the child.  After 3 years from first instructions the child injury solicitors recovered from the insurance company of the defendant the sum of £16,000 in child injury compensation.

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