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Child accident at school

Accidents to children in a nursery can happen all the time but while your child is at school or a nursery there is a duty of care upon the occupiers (usually the Council), free schools or owners privately run schools.  Teaches and nursery assistants have a responsibly to your children to ensure they are in a safe environment free from danger and accidents.

The Law in 1893 was as said by a leading Juge to be:

Law on Supervision of children












If your child had an accident at school and there is a breach of duty care resulting in an injury to your child, you, the parent or guardian are entitled to claim compensation for the child injury. The teachers or nursery assistants will and indeed should be aware that children are more adventurous and less risk aware then adults and therefore must bear this in mind upon any risk assessment.

Most common child injuries at school or nursery are


*Lacerations (cuts)



Most accident at school or nursery are caused on the playground on:


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Statistics from:

Please see our accident on playground video:

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