Child Injured In Nursery

Child Injured in Nursery Claimant, aged 4 years old, was injured in nursery following an activity day. The nursery had hired out a bouncy castle for the annual ‘activity day’, when the Claimant was pushed by another child into the side barrier of the bouncy castle. As a result of the incident, the Claimant sustained…

Avoid these common child injuries!

Keywords: Child accident claim, child injury experts, child accident compensation, child accident solicitors, child compensation, child injuries, child accidents. Subject: Avoid these common child injuries! Around 500,000 children under the age of 4 are injured in the home every year. Fire is the greatest cause of accidental death. 46% of fatal accidents to children are…

Injury caused by trampoline

Subject: Child injury Keywords: Child injury solicitors; no win no fee , child’s compensation, what can be claimed?, Injury claims for children, A child attended her local gym for trampoline lessons on a weekly basis. In class children had to wait (for safety reasons) while the other children had fully exit the trampoline before another child…

Trampoline injury

Subject: Child injury Keywords: Children compensation; no win no fee , child’s compensation, Child accident claims, child injury solicitors A child was picked up in Central Park by helicopter and rushed to hospital after falling off a trampoline. His injuries are unknown. Click link for more information:

Child’s Compensation Injury Claim Solicitors

Child Personal Injury Claims

The claim for financial losses are usually quite easy for a solicitor to calculate on the child’s behalf. The Child’s parents who would normally sustain the financial loss by taking time off work to look after the child etc would be advised to inform the accident claims solicitor to obtain a written letter from the child’s parent’s employer. The other losses such as the repairs to the vehicle and car hire for instance will be simple basic math.