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Accident Injury Claims to Children

Accidents and injury claims to children occur on a regular basis. They happen all the time and parents are used to children injuries, often a “cuddle” and “a love” or “kiss it better” is enough to reassure children.

But when children injuries are more serious, mort than reassurance is paramount. Urgent medical expert help will be required from the Accident and Emergency Hospital or the child’s General Practitioner.

Lack of Safety Causing – Accident Injury Claim Children

When an accident is due to no fault on the part of children it is important that the parents or guardians get to the truth of what has happened. This will help enable the child injury solicitor to understand the mechanics of the accident and make a judgement of the likelihood winning the case.

Evidence about FaultAccident Injury Claim Children

The importance of gathering evidence of the cause of the accident cannot be underestimated as without evidence it will be harder to make an accident injury claim for children.

The basic evidence will be:

  1. Photographs – these days with mobile phones it is much easier than before to take photographs of where the accident took place, depicting any faults that caused or contributed towards the child accident
  2. Witnesses – these are vital and can make the difference between winning or losing the claim.

Wish to make a claim?

Accident Injury Claim on behalf of Children can be made through expert solicitors. We have a Children’s’ helpline for parents or guardians that will help you every step of the way.