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Children Injury Claims

Children are often involved in injuries, scrapes, bumps, cuts and bruises. They are part of everyday childhood and a valuable learning tool. However when children are hurt due to the fault of a third party, (third party could be School, Nursery, Shop Owners, Local Council, Car Drivers) then the injury could have been prevented and the hurt and suffering avoided.

Children Injury Claims – Advice

In the above circumstances where children have been injured due to the fault of a third party, the Parent or Guardian can seek advice from Solicitors who are experts in children injury claims to make a compensation claim for the pain and suffering to the children. The process if often easy and straightforward.

How to Value Children Injury Claims for Compensation?

This is done by the children’s’ solicitor with the benefit of a specialist Doctor. The Doctor will be instructed by the Solicitors on the children’s’ behalf who will examine the Children and provide an opinion about the injuries. Once this medical report has been complied in writing the children’s’ solicitor will then seek to value the injuries having regard to other cases of a similar nature.

Children Injury Compensation Payouts

The following links on our children injury web site provides some guidance on compensation payouts for children injuries. This can only be taken as a guide and you must seek independent children injuries solicitors’ advice upon any accident which has been caused as a result of a third party. Contact Us now for expert legal advice.

Children injury Compensation – Arms, Wrists and Fingers

Children injury Compensation – Legs, knees, ankle, toes

Children injury Compensation – Body, neck, back

Children injury Compensation – Face, Head, eyes, teeth, nose