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Injury Claims for Children

Injury claims for children are common. Children are less risk adverse, naturally curious of their surroundings and are therefore more likely to become involved in an accident that gives rise to injury.

Having said that, Adults and Businesses are or should be aware that children are more prone to become involved in accidents and therefore should guard against this.

Prevention of Injury Claims for Children

Prevention is better than the cure and therefore business and adults must ensure by their own acts or omission they cater for children. Here is list of preventable measure:

  1. Supervision: children must be supervised at all times. This will be the parents respsonbilitiy to stop children running round in public places so as to avoid an accident. If children are in school then it is the responsibility of the School to ensure they have sufficient teachers at school to correct supervision.
  2. Road users: they must ensure children are a priority on the road and drive defensively especially when they are outside schools where children may run out into the road.
  3. Play Centres: At business where children can play in groups in play centres the business must ensure that all activities are supervised by an responsible adult and moreover they are adequately safe by providing suitable foam padding and cushioned floor areas to absorbed the impact of children falling to the floor etc.

Injury to children – Compensation Claim

Injuries to children can lead to a compensation claim if the business, organisation, business, or adult responsible can be shown to be negligent or at fault. If children have been injured a claim for compensation can be made. If so please Contact Us for advice and assistance.

How much compensation for injury to children?

Below is a guide to our compensation amounts if there has been injury to children. It is a guide only so please seek independent advice from expert children injury solicitors.

Children injury Compensation – Arms, Wrists and Fingers

Children injury Compensation – Legs, knees, ankle, toes

Children injury Compensation – Body, neck, back

Children injury Compensation – Face, Head, eyes, teeth, nose