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What Happens When the Court Approves the Accident Compensation?

Once the child’s solicitors and the court has approved the compensation for the child’s injuries, the compensation will be transferred to the Court Funds Office in London, (a specialist bank) and invested until the child reaches the age of 18 years which is the age when the law determines that a child can act for himself/herself without the need for a parent or guardian.   If the child needs money for education, welfare or benefit before reaching 18 years, the child injuries and accident solicitors will request from the court a payment  out of the compensation fund on account.

It is important once the claim for the child injuries following the accident has been finalised that the parents and the child keep a note of the court case number and the address of the court.  If the family move address they should also remember to let the court know of the new address so that the court will be able to keep track of the family and remind the child about the child injuries compensation claim when he or she reaches the age of 18 years that the compensation plus interest will be paid so that the final compensation claim for the injured child victim will finally come to an end.

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