Criminal Injuries

CICA Claims (Criminal Injuries to children)

Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) was set up by the government for adults and children who have suffered physical or mental injury through no fault of their own.The criminal activity may be due to: 

  • Physical or mental abuse,
  • Sexual abuse
  • Violence or death 

You claim may also be made for loss of earnings or health care not covered by the NHS under certain circumstances.

A compensation claim can be made through the CICA to compensate the victim of a crime.  The compensation is made by the CICA and thus through the Government scheme.

If you feel that you/your child may have been a victim of a crime, do not suffer in silence.  Contact us for immediate and confidential advice.

New Test Case: Drinking While Pregnant

A new legal action is currently being taken against the CICA, in respect of mothers who knowingly drink alcohol whilst pregnant giving rise to a foreseeable risk of harm to the unborn child.  Such an act is thought to amount to a criminal act and thus in limited circumstances compensation can be sought via the CICA scheme.

Any person requiring advice on whether a claim can be made should contact us immediately.

Women are advised to stop drinking whist pregnant as drinking alcohol whilst pregnant can cause major risk and harm to the unborn baby. The is a syndrome called fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, this is when a mother still drinking heavily when she is pregnant giving rise to a significant risk of harm to the unborn child both physical and mental. Mothers who continue to drink whilst pregnant, knowing that it may harm their unborn baby, may lead to their children making a claim for compensation.

Under new guidelines, anyone that has a disability due to their mother drinking whilst pregnant may be able to make a claim for compensation through the CICA.

The compensation ranges are dependent upon the extent of the child’s injuries.  The compensation range for CICA victims are between £1000 to £500,000. The compensation also covers mental abuse.

There are guidelines that have to be followed when making a CICA claim.  The incident(s) must have been in England, Scotland or Wales and be reported to the police. The incident(s) must have been in the last two years of making a claim but in certain circumstances can be waived. e.g in particular sexual abuse claims.