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Death of a Wife/Mother

As child accident and child injury solicitors we appreciate in a fatal accident claim that the wife is normally a second source of income for the family.  Importantly, the loss of services the wife has gratuitously rendered the child or children must be taken into account. The services of a mother to her child or children cannot simply be compensated by the employment of a housekeeper.  It may be argued that the benefit of the mother’s personal attention to a child’s upbringing, morals, education and psychology, which the services of a housekeeper, nurse or governess could never provide has, in the long run, a financial value for the child difficult as it is to assess.

In a fatal accident case a three year old girl was awarded £25,000 for the loss of her mother’s services following a fatal road traffic accident in 1979.  Today this award will be significantly higher.  In a later case decided 1988 a Judge awarded a 12 year old child at the time of the accident £22,500 per year with a multiplier of 5 a total of £112,500.

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