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As child injuries and accident solicitors we understand that talking a number of parents are concerned about costs when talking to a solicitor and taking on a claim for compensation. The law has changed to allow solicitors to work for free, WIN or LOSE with the child’s accidedent claim.  There is simply nothing to worry about at all.

We have set out below frequently asked questions about child injury accident solicitors costs.



What does No Win No Fee Mean?

As child injuries and accident solicitors, if we lost the compensation claim, the parents and or the child will pay absolutely nothing towards any solicitors costs.

Hear What We Have To Say About No Win No Fee

As child injury accident solicitors to advise you further why not click onto our child accident solicitor NO WIN NO FEE Audio File below.  Please click onto the link, any Windows Medial Player should be able to play the File

Child Accident - NO WIN NO FEE

Audio – No Win No Fee Explained


If the accident case failed, why as parents are we not responsible to pay solicitors costs?

As child injury and accident solicitors, the reason why you do not pay anything is because we obtain specialist insurance which will pay the opponent’s costs if the case is lost.  As child injuries solicitors, our agreement is that if the compensation claim failed, we do not charge parents or the child anything.  We work for free under the no win no fee agreement.  In short, if the claim failed, the insurance pays the opponent’s costs and we are paid nothing to allow you to withdraw from the case without paying anything.

What if the child’s accident and injury claim is successful, do I pay anything?

No.  If the case is successfully finalised and approved by the court, the opponent will pay your child injuries and accident solicitors costs.  The compensation payment will be paid into court until the child is 18 years of age.  We are paid separately and therefore the child will receive 100% compensation for the injuries without any deduction.

I always thought solicitors costs a lot of money…what is the catch?

There is simply no catch.  Solicitors can work now on a No Win No Fee basis and even if the case is won, we do not charge the child or parents anything.  You have absolutely nothing to lose or worry about.  The only thing the child injuries and accident solicitors ask of the parents is that they do not mislead us and they reply to us promptly to pursue the compensation claim.


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