Volkswagen Diesel Claims

Volkswagen Diesel Claims

The recent scandal has been brought to our attention about not just the fuel efficiency issue of the VW owners and being mis-led about the vehicle but also the issue of pollution.

vulnerable children may have their health indirectly affected by the excess pollution of these motor vehicles in the UK. In an article prior to the Volkswagen Diesel Emissions Claims, in April 2015 advised that in England there was a major spike in air pollution that may create a risk to those children show suffer from respiratory diseases.

Dr Penny Woods, British Lung Foundation (BLF), said: “To reduce the impact, people who find their health affected can take simple steps such as avoiding busy roads, especially during rush hour, and refraining from strenuous exercise outside.”

Respiratory Problems

It appears to be settled by the  medical profession that long-term exposure to air pollution may give rise to respiratory diseases such as:

  • Asthma
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Lung Cancer
  • Effect pre-existing chest problems, wheezing, coughing.

It is well known that exposure to poor air quality and pollen allergy can trigger asthma symptoms.  Children in particular can be susceptible by air pollution because of faster breathing rates and that their respiratory system is still young and developing, for more information on air pollution see the Article in the Guardian – Air Pollution – Health Warning.

Volkswagen Diesel Claims for Compensation

It is important to note that this spike in England concerning air pollution was made before the Volkswagen admission that it used cheat software on this vehicle emissions tests.  The full extent of the mis-leading software used to cover up the pollution caused by its diesel engines is unknown at the time of writing.  Thus at this stage, it is unknown to what extent the UK’s air pollution has also been harmed by the vehicle emissions that are still being pumped into our children’s lungs and the long term effects upon their health.

Join our VW Diesel Group Register

It is not just Volkswagen vehicles, the VW scandal includes vehicles within its group.  The vehicles caught up on the possible Class Action for diesel compensation are:

  • Volkswagen Diesel Cars
  • Volkswagen Diesel Vans
  • Audi Motor Diesel Vehicles
  • Seat Motor Diesel Vehicles
  • Skoda Motor Diesel Vehicles

If your have purchased any of the above vehicles please register with us now.  More importantly if you and your child or children live near busy road and your child suffers from a respiratory disease such as asthma please also complete the Volkswagen Compensation Registration Form.

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Medical Reasearch Respiratory Health in Children Vehicle Exhaust

Further reading on vehicle emissions generally and respiratory diseased please refer to the following websites for general information which the child injury solicitors trust will be of use to you:


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